Newman accused of twisting election promise on jobs

A union has accused Premier Campbell Newman of distorting an election promise by getting rid of thousands of public servants.

Up to 40,000 public sector workers will be out of a job by the end of June.

Secretary of key public sector union Together Queensland, Alex Scott, said the Government had twisted its pre-election stance by using the indiscriminate non-renewal of temporary appointments.

He said it meant Mr Newman would not be breaking his election promise that the government would not force public servants out of employment.

A senior officer within the public sector told Newsbytes many frontline and non-frontline temporary workers would be lost through the non-renewal of their contracts, with a possible impact on services to the public.

Many of these workers are not entitled to the severance payments that permanent officers in the public sector have been offered.

Before the state election this year Premier Campbell Newman promised there would be no forced redundancies in the public sector.

Mr Scott said it was a matter of public record that even many permanent public servants no longer felt safe as they believed the Newman Government had deceived the public, the public sector and the unions.

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