Council accused of not trimming overgrown trees

People are having to wait too long for overgrown trees on footpaths to be trimmed by council workers, according to independent councillor Nicole Johnston.

Cr Johnston told last week’s Brisbane Council meeting it was taking more than 12 months for trees to be trimmed.

She said the chairman of the Environment, Parks & Sustainability Committee, Cr Peter Matic, had changed the maintenance cycles without announcing the fact.

“We have residents asking why the trees haven’t been trimmed,” Cr Johnston said.

Cr Johnston said Key Performance Indicator standards were secretly changed from a quarterly to an annual cycle.

“I have an excellent source here – if Cr Matic wants to make this an issue, I will get the paperwork he signed off on,” Cr Johnston said.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said he would be interested to see the evidence.

“I challenge her to produce the paperwork,” he said.

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