Review: Battleship

Hasbro, the company, which brought us Transformers and G.I Joe, has provided the world another film derivative of a popular toy from yesteryear.

Battleship is sure to entice younger moviegoers, as the film’s formula is no different from other Hasbro films.

You have goodies and baddies, the girl, loud explosions, great one-liners and Michael Bay-like direction all coinciding with a music score loud enough for testosterone levels to spike.

Taylor Kitsch (pictured with Rihanna) portrays the maverick Lt Alex Hopper, who does a fantastic job with the one-dimensional character who of course learns that thinking before acting and setting aside one’s ego is the way to go.

Pop sensation Rihanna makes her acting debut in what could be described as one of the standout performances of the film as Petty Officer Cora Raikes.

Liam Neeson is the commander of the naval fleet, naturally, and plays the role of Vice-Admiral Shane.

A movie with this many explosive set pieces could not go without the blonde bombshell, Samantha Shane, performed by Sports Illustrated cover girl Brooklyn Decker.

The film is shot with particular flare and particularly scenes which allow the audience to see things from the characters’ perspective, creating a much more immersive environment. For this thanks to director Peter Berg, despite the silly plot.

If what you want is a fun night out, give Battleship a chance. It’s loud, fun and it has the USA blowing up aliens – what more could you want?

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  1. Ian says:

    A review with the same hi-octane energy as the film itself. Liked “immersive environment” and the last sentence is very funny. Michael, when it comes to movie reviewing you too have got a “particular flare”. Ian

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