Fires to burn around Brisbane

More than 400 hectares will be burnt off over 30 sites around Brisbane in coming months in an effort to prevent disaster in the bushfire season.

Brisbane City Council says it has already done 16 burns of more than 200 hectares.

The council plans to burn up to 417 hectares this year.

The council’s hazard reduction burns aim to reduce fire fuel such as dead wood by 75 percent across 60 to 80 percent of the land being burned.

“Some areas of the forest are left untouched, which can be used by wildlife as a refuge and help re-establish vegetation in the burnt section,” a council spokesperson said.

The Queensland Rural Fire Service recommends in its “Hazard Reduction Burning – Benefits and Implications” a burnt off area not less than 75 percent to be effective.

But the council could not provide a figure of the total land area to be burnt off.

“It depends on many factors on how much land can be burnt ahead of each fire season – however 30 sites covering 417 hectares have been earmarked for hazard reduction burns this year, weather permitting,” the spokesperson said.

The council will not release specific dates for burns but residents adjoining the burn areas are notified by letterbox drop of planned burns.

Weather and air-quality forecasts are used to determine the best day for planned burns.

This year’s hazard reduction burning started in July, mainly due to the ground being too wet until then for burns to take place.

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