Flood memorabilia on display

The Queensland Museum is putting together a collection of flood damaged items for an exhibition next year.

Museum senior curator of social history Jo Besley said part of the museum’s role in the community was to anticipate what’s important now and preserve it for the future.

She said nothing like this had been done after the 1974 floods and it was a good way for people to understand the magnitude of the catastophe.

“When we looked at other significant floods we didn’t have a lot,” Ms Besley said.

“Museums are a really good place for the community to learn about these events.”

A call for materials in April resulted in a steady influx of items and footage.

Ms Besley said one of the more important items collected was the uniform worn by a helicopter rescue officer who saved people from roof tops in Grantham.

She also received the harness he used to winch people to safety.

Another interesting item was the mud-coated turntable (pictured) and vinyl set deluged in a river front property at West End.

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