‘Cheaper to give bikes away’ – Opposition

It would be cheaper to buy bikes for everyone in Brisbane than continue to hire them out through the under-utilised CityCycle scheme, Opposition Leader Shayne Sutton said at yesterday’s Brisbane City Council meeting.

The Opposition called for the council to review the transport program, which began under former Lord Mayor Campbell Newman in 2010.

“Barely anybody is using CityCycle,” Cr Sutton said, criticising the high cost of running the program.

She said it cost the Brisbane City Council $132 to maintain each bike every day, a total of $20,000 each week.

“It would be cheaper to give away bikes,” Cr Sutton said.

Cr Quirk stood by the scheme and praised the 20 percent growth in the program over the past month, but admitted the availability of helmets affected the program’s success.

There are only 14 helmet outlets for cyclists in the city, restricting the convenience of the bikes for Brisbane commuters.

Cr Quirk said the scheme still had potential and would benefit Brisbane in the future.

“It’s not a revolution, it’s an evolution,” he said.

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