Time up for Earth Hour?

The relevance of the annual Earth Hour has been questioned by a Labor councillor.

Helen Abrahams said participation rates failed to impress, with only eight schools across Brisbane being involved in the event.

According to Cr Abrahams only 14 restaurants took part in the “candle-light dinner” initiative. Participation was “extremely disappointing”, she said.

“Earth Hour is at its used by date and it needs to be made more relevant to Brisbane residents,” Cr Abrahams said.

Earth Hour is observed by people turning off lights and other non-essential electrical devices for an hour on the last Saturday of March: www.earthhour.org.

Cr Peter Matic said Earth Hour was just a small part of the Green Heart City Smart program and the overall environment program taking place in Brisbane.

“Earth Hour is an important education program,” he said.

“We can take small steps everyday to make a difference.”

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