Council welcomes 400th bus

Brisbane City Council has announced the delivery of its 400th bus in a scheme to bring 500 new buses to the Brisbane public transport system.

“The ‘can do’ team reached a very important milestone with regards to our commitment of 500 buses this council term by taking delivery of our 400th bus,” public transport chairman Cr Julian Simmonds said at this week’s meeting.

The high capacity 14.5 metre bus will carry 90 people and includes anti-shatter window film as well as stainless steel side panels and seats back to reduce vandalism.

“This is one of the most environmentally friendly buses we have ever purchased,” Cr Simmonds said. He said the fleet could accommodate an extra 30,000 passengers which would reduce congestion by 24 million car trips every year.

“It means a carbon emission saving of 35,000 tonnes per year,” Cr Simmonds said.

He said 96 percent of the fleet were now air-conditioned, an increase from 35 percent from 2004, while 80 percent were wheelchair-accessible, up from 34 percent.

There had been a 66 percent increase in patronage in the last seven years.

“It’s a build it and they will come mentality,” Cr Simmonds said.

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