Council refuses north-side plea for speed limit

The speed limit on Main Road in Wavell Heights will remain at 60 kilometres per hour despite local residents petitioning for slower speeds.

The decision was made in Brisbane City Council yesterday, with Transport chair Cr de Wit saying she saw no need for traffic calming measures.

“It will put pressure on surrounding roads,” Cr de Wit said. Nearby roads were less equipped to handle heavy traffic, she said.

The Opposition criticised the council’s decision, with Cr Flesser of Northgate ward saying the council’s response to the petition was “just not good enough”.

“The petitioners are being reasonable,” he said.

The petition, signed by 87 people, asked the council to conduct a traffic management study on Main Avenue and to consider installing traffic calming measures.

“Reducing the speed is no big deal,” Cr Flesser said.

But the Council refused to budge.

“Councillor Flesser can huff and puff all he likes,” Cr de Wit said.

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