Council accused of inflating flood money request

Brisbane City Council has been accused of artificially inflating its funding request to the Federal Government.

Council opposition leader Shayne Sutton slammed the Liberal National majority at today’s meeting, accusing them of waste of taxpayers’ money while siphoning funds from federal and state governments.

“You’re artificially inflating the gap in order to hide your mishandling of the flood inquiry,” she yelled from across the chamber.

The federal government has offered a subsidy of $114 million to fund Brisbane flood relief while the state government has allocated $54 million in grants.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the council’s request was completely accurate.

“We have been clear to the federal government about out estimates [and we’re] conscious of taxpayers’ dollars,” he said.

“This administration is completely transparent… These monies will be accounted for over time”.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Councils are so crooked. They need to be checked and re-checked by a separate entity.

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