Newman’s move “born of corruption” – Fraser

LNP leader Campbell Newman’s move to state politics was “born of corruption”, Treasurer Andrew Fraser said in Parliament today.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission launched an inquiry last month into allegations LNP president Bruce McIver tried to bribe a sitting MP to stand aside for Mr Newman.

Mr Fraser named Fraser Stephen, who works for LNP senator Russell Trood, and Seb Monsour, Mr Newman’s brother-in-law and former candidate for Ashgrove, as being on the CMC’s interrogation list. He said Mr Monsour was “dishonest”.

Mr Fraser said Mr Newman should tell the CMC everything he knows.

“If he has nothing to hide, he should go down there. He should tell the CMC what he asked his brother-in-law to do on his behalf,” he said.

“It is born of corruption, it traduces the institution of parliament and it is about the ego of one man with a Napoleonic complex to move up a level of government.”

Outside Parliament Mr Newman challenged Mr Fraser to reveal how he knew who was being interviewed by the CMC.

“The Treasurer seemed remarkably informed about the process of a CMC investigation,” Mr Newman said.

“Perhaps he should explain why he knows all these things.”

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  1. Doc says:

    Mate, I can even prove to you to how corrupted the CMC is, but do you think people want to know the truth, no,cos, to many corrupted people dont want to be found out.
    I can show where it starts and I can show where it ends up, Who wants to listen ????

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