Go Between “a bridge from nowhere”

Brisbane City Council’s Go Between bridge was slammed as a financial disaster in State Parliament today.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser said the project’s costs doubled and the new toll bridge, which runs between Milton and South Brisbane, was rarely used.

“It is a bridge from nowhere to nowhere that no-one drives on,” he said.

Mr Fraser’s attack was part of a Government assault on council spending under new LNP leader Campbell Newman’s control.

“What we see from the Brisbane City Council under Campbell Newman is $774 million of ratepayers’ money sunk into the Clem7, which has collapsed financially and is in receivership,” he said.

“We see a bike program that no-one is using, that blew out in cost and that is not paying for itself. We see a Go Between Bridge that blew out in cost by more than 100 percent and is not paying for itself.”

Meanwhile, the Opposition attacked the Government for its level of debt compared to the Council.

Shadow treasurer Tim Nicholls said Government debt at $52 billion stood at 122 percent of budget, while the Council’s debt was only 37 percent of its budget.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I’ve walked across that bridge … it was verrry quiet. Maybe they should plant some trees and make it into a bush walk.

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