Dob in a pothole – minister’s plea

Queenslanders need to dob in potholes, according to the Minister for Main Roads, Craig Wallace.

“We all hate potholes,” Mr Wallace said.

Following the floods and recent bad weather, Queensland roads have worsened, with 4000kms of road damaged in the past few weeks.

And although repair crews have been working constantly to repair the estimated 10,000 potholes, Mr Wallace has warned that the long term damage to roads cannot take place until the existing potholes are fixed.

“There are many thousands of potholes out there, and recently repaired potholes have again been weakened by further rain and flooding, making further repairs necessary,” he said.

However, this massive repair effort taking place around the clock cannot continue without the support of every motorist.

“We want road users to dob in a pothole to ensure that no pothole escapes the asphalt of our repair crews,” Mr Wallace said.

He said his department was tough on potholes and tough on the causes of potholes.

“I ask for road users to call Main Roads on 131940, listen to the prompts to report any potholes which they encounter,” he said.

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