Bligh accuses former mayor of borrowing for pet projects

Campbell Newman borrowed recklessly for his pet projects, the Premier, Anna Bligh, said in Parliament today.

“The former mayor of Brisbane has been out borrowing, borrowing, borrowing – committing money forward for his pet projects,” Ms Bligh said.

She said her government paid $1 billion for the Council’s water assets and had made the council debt free.

“We have a higher credit rating, we have sound economic management that is delivering jobs and delivering infrastructure,” she said.

“I do not know of a single project that came in on budget from the Brisbane City Council. It is plagued by blowouts, funded by debt.”

Opposition leader Geoff Seeney said the financial management record of the state Labor government has been a disaster when compared with the financial management record of Brisbane City Council led by Campbell Newman.

He said Government failures included the health crisis, the water crisis and the Traveston Dam bungle.

Outside Parliament, Mr Newman said: “They won’t confront the real issues – they just want to attack me.”

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