Demolition change an ‘assault on Camp Hill’

Brisbane City Council voted on Tuesday to remove building restrictions on hundreds of houses in Camp Hill, although it faced opposition from the Opposition.

Following the decision, more than 500 homes in the area will be removed from Brisbane’s Demolition Control Precinct (DCP), lifting restrictions on building and renovating that previously ensured new homes maintained the character of the area.

Opposition Leader Shayne Sutton (pictured), whose ward includes Camp Hill, said the decision to lift building restrictions would change the suburb dramatically.

“This is an assault on the character of the suburb,” she said.

“It is a character for which this suburb is famous and it is thanks to the Liberal National Party in this place that this suburb will be altered immeasurably.”

Cr Sutton said the administration had not listened to the community, and tabled a petition against the move from more than 100 residents.

“That petition has been completely and utterly ignored by members of this Liberal National Party administration,” she said.

But Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment Committee chairwoman Councillor Amanda Cooper said many of the houses in the area were not traditional tin and timber houses, and she had received only three submissions against the proposal.

“Three submissions, and not one from the local councillor,” she said.

Cr Cooper said many residents wanted the DCP restrictions removed, as the cost of development and renovation applications in a DCP was much higher than a normal application.

“This cost is significant and completely unwarranted,” she said.

“I know that Councillor Sutton loves the character of the local area. That is something that certainly is important. But it doesn’t mean that people should be affected by onerous regulation.”

Deputy Opposition Leader Councillor Milton Dick said the high development application fees were not a reason for lifting the DCP restrictions.

“If the chair of neighbourhood planning is so concerned about this issue, and she’s particularly worried about fees and charges, well she’s got the ability to actually set those fees and charges,” he said.

The newly independent Councillor Nicole Johnston also voiced her concerns with some measures contained in the report.

“What’s important here is that those areas that have DCP in them are respected and that the character and heritage of our tin and timber suburbs are respected,” she said.

The measures to change the city plan passed 16 to nine, with Cr Johnston voting with the Opposition against the administration.

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