Qld unemployment too high – Langbroek

Queensland’s unemployment rate rose above the national average this month and not enough is being done about it, according to Opposition leader John-Paul Langbroek.

Australian Bureau of Statistics show Queensland unemployment rose to 5.6 percent compared to a national average of 5.4 percent.

Mr Langbroek said Ms Bligh’s election promise to create an extra 100,000 breadwinners was another lie and showed a lack of connection with Queenslanders.

“The bottom line is the number of unemployed people in Queensland is now 19,700 higher than when Bligh and Labor conned Queenslanders with a commitment to find work for another 100,000 breadwinners,” Mr Langbroek said.

The current Queensland budget includes about $101 million for the “Skilling Queenslanders for work Initiative” to tackle unemployment this year.

The initiative is designed to help long-term unemployed people across Queensland but has come under fire from the Opposition for a lack of results.

The 146 separate programs are all state-funded but are managed by local institutions with almost 10,000 participants.

State Treasurer Andrew Fraser said he expected about 21,000 people would receive help through the initiative this year.

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