Attorney-General won’t meet Graham Stafford

Queensland Attorney-General Cameron Dick has ruled out meeting victim of procedural miscarriage of justice, Graham Stafford.

Opposition member Peter Wellington asked the Attorney-General in Parliament yesterday if he would meet Mr Stafford and reassure him the the Government would seek to redress the terrible miscarriage of justice.

A 1992 jury found Graham Stafford guilty of the 1991 murder of Leanne Holland. Mr Stafford was jailed until his third appeal in 2009 where the Court of Appeal ordered a new trial and set aside his conviction. The director of Public Prosecutions has decided not to pursue a retrial of Mr Stafford.

Mr Wellington said he recently met Mr Stafford who said he wanted to ensure there would be an opportunity for present and former Queensland police officers to tell what they know about the case, with full indemnity to them.

But Mr Dick said it was not appropriate for him to see Mr Stafford at this stage.

“I will give full and proper consideration to any submission I receive from Mr Stafford and his legal team,” Mr Dick said.

“Given the likelihood of a submission being made to government and the Police Service’s decision to review this case, it would be inappropriate, in my view, for me to meet with Mr Stafford at this time.

“However… my mind is open on this case and if circumstances arise in the future that warrant meetings with the family of Leanne Holland and also Mr Stafford I would give them due consideration.”

Mr Dick said anyone with allegations or evidence of “criminality or misconduct” in relation to the matter should refer these immediately to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

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