Hawkins praises plus-size models

Jennifer Hawkins in Queen St, Brisbane (photo by John Corlett)

Jschool student Avelima Eliepa quizzes Jennifer Hawkins, while fellow student Anthony Gough takes notes.

Jennifer Hawkins was a big hit in Queen Street yesterday where she modeled Myer’s new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

The featured designers included Bettina Liano, Wayne Cooper, Cooper Street, and Manning Cartell, just to name a few.

Shoppers crowded into Myer to watch the fashion show, which included plus sized models for the T14 plus size range.

“I thought that the plus sized models up here looked fabulous,” Ms Hawkins said.

The supermodel also commented on her favourite looks and designers for this season. “I’m a really big fan of the thigh-high boot with a pair of casual jeans maybe a singlet and sort of layer it up and I love Manning Cartell I think their collection is beautiful,” she said.

But she was still undecided about the shoulder padded pieces. “They’re everywhere aren’t they, I hope I like them,” she said.

Ms Hawkins stayed after the fashion show for a signing, while fans lined up.

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