Million dollar facelift for Howard Smith Wharves

Brisbane City Council today approved $1 million funding for the development of Howard Smith Wharves despite Opposition questioning of the stabilisation method of its cliffs.

Opposition leader Councillor Sutton said the proposed plan to cement the rock face would be ugly, “a quick, cheap fix — one that is not in the interest of the Brisbane community”.

She slammed Finance chairman Adrian Schrinner for claiming the result would be exactly the same as the successful development of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. The Kangaroo Point cliffs, a popular site used for rock-climbing and abseiling, were secured by a bore and pin method which leaves its surface in a natural state.

The Opposition said the proposed development of a conference centre and boutique hotel would demean the heritage value of the area. The also questioned the LNP statement that 80 percent of the site would be zoned as parkland.

Lord Maryor Campbell Newman accused Labor of “playing politics with the issue.”

“They are all about politics, and not about can-do,” he said.

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