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Vietnamese Australians remember their war

Vietnamese Australians paid tribute last week to their countrymen who were persecuted when the war between the North and South ended in 1975. The ceremony at Brisbane’s Anzac Square was also an opportunity for the Vietnamese community to show its gratitude for Australia’s commitment in the war. The ceremony was held in partnership with RSL […]

Social networks boost sales of survival story

The author of a biography who used social media networks to promote his book saw it shoot to number 26 on the Amazon UK best-seller list. Douglas Rogers’ The Last Resort – A Memoir of Zimbabwe was released in the UK in April and by the end of the month had become the number two […]

Fiji media controls ‘appalling’

The serious decline in media freedom in the Pacific was passionately condemned yesterday by veteran ABC foreign correspondent Sean Dorney. “The situation confronting journalists in Fiji at the moment is positively appalling,” Mr Dorney said. “There have been military appointed censors in every newsroom for more than 12 months now.” Mr Dorney, a keynote speaker […]

Government cans human rights charter

The Federal Government will not introduce a law for a human rights charter, Attorney-General Robert McClelland said yesterday.

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