Demands for better conduct by politicians

The Senate has postponed the reporting date of a committee inquiring into setting up an integrity commissioner and code of conduct for parliamentarians, prompting renewed debate on the topic. A Newsbytes street poll showed people had strong views about acceptable standards of behaviour for parliamentarians. The Senate’s decision came two days after Fair Work Australia released its 1100 page report into the activities of the Health Services Union. The report addressed allegations... Read More

Review: Once Upon A Time

Everyone deserves a happy ending, don’t they? From the producers and writers of LOST comes a fairytale ending, but not for everyone! This series has put its own delicious spin on the once beloved fairytales we grew up reading and explores each character in two different worlds. The evil queen’s curse is the main reason of the story. She wanted her “happy ever after” and she got it, by freezing the fairytale world and bringing its characters into the modern day world... Read More

Newsbytes wins praise after bubblers ban reversed

A State Government minister and a rail lobby group have congratulated Newsbytes on publicising the issue of water fountains being withdrawn from Brisbane railway stations. Transport Minister Scott Emerson said Newsbytes should be credited for breaking the story, while Rail Back on Track spokesman Robert Dow said Newsbytes deserved congratulation for the “fantastic outcome”. A front page Newsbytes story last Wednesday revealing the secretive removal of bubblers from... Read More

Kakadu plum may give cancer protection

In what could be a major medical breakthrough, an Australian native fruit has been found to offer possible protection against cancer and a host of other diseases. The Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) has impressive potential for protection against cancer, arthritis, neuro-degenerative diseases and diabetes, according to Dr Ian Cock of the School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences at Griffith University. He says the Kakadu plum has the highest source of Vitamin C in the... Read More

Review: The Merchant of Venice

Local community theatre company New Farm Nash Theatre have achieved an entertaining and engaging production of this romantic but dark comedy. In spite of a shoestring budget, the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast and crew make this more memorable and intimate than many bigger budget productions. The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s most notable comedies. A beautiful and wealthy heiress, Portia (Tegan Devine) is looking for a suitor. To make things difficult... Read More

Tent embassy protesters surround police watchhouse

Sovereign tent embassy protesters brought CBD traffic to a standstill today when they marched from Parliament to Roma Street watchhouse after their eviction from Musgrave Park. The Aboriginal elders and supporters took over the streets, causing chaos to lunchtime traffic. Around 200 people walked the route yelling slogans and waving signs. “One two three, sovereignty, that’s how easy it can be,” they chanted. They surrounded the watchhouse demanding the release of... Read More

31 arrested at Musgrave Park tent embassy

Thirty-one people were arrested as hundreds of police officers moved to evict protestors from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane this morning. The Brisbane City Council ordered the eviction in preparation of this weekend’s annual Paniyiri Greek festival which uses the park. Police began closing nearby streets and surrounding the camp at dawn and negotiated with camp organisers for a peaceful resolution. Negotiations stalled and an extended standoff... Read More

Bubblers saved after Newsbytes report

The Queensland Rail ban on bubblers has been reversed by Transport Minister Scott Emerson after the policy was revealed by Newsbytes. Mr Emerson said he became aware of the water fountain ban on Friday and scrapped it on Saturday. Newsbytes reported on the policy last week following investigations by student journalist Melissa Archer. Mr Emerson sheeted home the blame for the removal of bubblers to the previous Labor government, especially Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk... Read More

Review: The Neverending Story

Harvest Rain Theatre Company Popular 1984 movie The Neverending Story comes to life in this stage adaption. Director Tim O’Connor succeeds in asking the audience to use similar levels of imagination to the book on which the tale is based. O’Connor’s own imagination has flowered into a clear and compact concept that fits — magically — into the Cremorne Theatre. Fantasia’s ruler, the Childlike Empress, summons two heroes to her aid: Bastian Balthazar Bux,... Read More

Government promoting class warfare – Abbott

Class warfare was the main theme of Tony Abbott’s budget reply speech last night, as the opposition leader criticised the government’s budget for its emphasis on targeted handouts. Mr Abbott said abolishing the carbon tax was his first priority because the tax would be a drag on economic growth and cost of living. “Abolishing the carbon tax would be the swiftest contribution government could make to relieving cost of living pressure,” Mr Abbott said. The Opposition leader... Read More

Crime tourists relive Brisbane’s worst murders

Brisbane has seen some horrific murders, the worst the 1973 Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub firebombing that killed 15 patrons and staff. Then there’s the gruesome Patrick Mayne case from 1848, Karl Kast’s 1955 shooting spree, and the 1989 slaying of City Council worker Edward Baldock by self-confessed “vampire” Tracey Wigginton. The Queensland Law Society’s criminal history bus tour however isn’t only about shocking murders, illegal casinos and brothels. A lead-in to... Read More

Swan says surplus budget a win for battlers

Wayne Swan’s fifth budget is a win for the battlers as well as a return to surplus, according to the Treasurer. Mr Swan told Parliament on Tuesday night the 2012 federal budget contained a combination of big spending cuts, handouts and new spending initiatives. Describing it as a “Labor budget to its bootstraps” Mr Swan said the budget helped ease cost of living pressures on Australians not currently benefiting from the boom. “This Labor Government believes the tremendous... Read More

Anger as Queensland Rail pulls the plug on water fountains

Commuters in need of water are being forced to go thirsty following the removal of water fountains across the Queensland Rail network. Bubblers that were standard at stations are being quietly dismantled with no consultation with rail users. Thirsty travellers and an advocacy group have blasted the secret policy. Catherine Stokes (pictured left), a commuter on the Cleveland line, said it was “a shame” QR were removing water fountains from platforms. “You can’t... Read More

100 Aboriginal languages face extinction

Two out of three remaining Aboriginal languages are likely to disappear in the next 30 years. About 100 Aboriginal languages face extinction according to a senior linguist. There are now 150 languages, a drop from 250 in the pre-colonial era, Australian Human Rights Commission figures show. But only a dozen widely-spoken languages survive. University of Queensland linguist Dr Felicity Meakins (pictured) said the figure of 150 languages “refers to the number of languages... Read More

Union movement celebrates as Labor apologises

The Labor Party used today’s Labor Day march in Brisbane to apologise for the defeated state government’s privatisation policies. Queensland opposition leader Anastacia Palasczuk told marchers she would return the party to its traditional values. Ms Palasczuk apologized for privatisation under the Labor Government and promised she would “bring back the old values”. She received some heckling from listeners, but overall if members of Queensland’s trade union... Read More

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